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WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Photos

G4M Type 1 Attack Bomber (Betty) - Page 2

G4M2E-M24-Releasing-Ohka-10.jpg (9K) G4M-12.jpg (21K) G4M-13.jpg (23K) G4M-75.jpg (25K) jnabet02.jpg (16K)

G4M-16.jpg (20K) G4M-11.jpg (49K) G4M2-Clark-Field-Luzon-Philippines-Feb1945-19.jpg (29K) G4M-TAIC-20.jpg (23K) G4M-TAIC-20a.jpg (25K)

G4M-21.jpg (24K) G4M-Surrender-22.jpg (50K) G4M-23.jpg (25K) G4M-24.jpg (18K) G4M-25.jpg (24K)

G4M-Kanoya-Kokutai-50less4.jpg (29K) G4M-Kanoya-Kokutai-50.jpg (97K) G4M-24.jpg (26K) G4M-51.jpg (25K) G4M-25.jpg (33K)

Thanks to Goh Keng Loon for the 1st G4M picture above with the Ohka just dropping away.

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